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60 Years of Cultivating Hope: Celebrating with Gibco

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Ever heard of someone throwing you a party to celebrate THEIR birthday? Well, that’s exactly what Gibco, a prominent cell culture brand available through Thermo Fisher Scientific, has been doing at locations around the world to celebrate their 60th anniversary and 60 years of loving cell culture! I guess they recognized the Hope Bio team as fellow cell culture fanatics because our company was chosen as a recipient of one of those special celebratory events. We welcomed members of the Thermo team to the Hope Bio headquarters where they hosted a party for our entire staff and, in return, we gave them a Texas-sized, Hope-style gift — a music video!


What are Gibco and Hope Bio up to? What else but saving the world!!

This video was produced in celebration of Gibco’s 60th Anniversary by Hope Biosciences®
Disclaimer: No stem cells were harmed in the making of this video.

Directed by:

Taylor Smith (Content Creator, HB), Maegan Rysso (Stem Cell Production, HB)

Director of Photography:

Taylor Smith


Taylor Smith

Original song by:

Richard Stone / Tom Ruegger

Lyrics by:

Daniel Chang (IT, HB)

Representing Gibco / Thermo Fisher (TF)

Jennifer Li (Cell Biology, TF)
Stephanea Sotcheff (Cell Biology, TF)
Eliza Fasbender (Cell Biology, TF)
Maegan Rysso (Production, HB)
Ebelyn Harriman (Quality Assurance, HB)

Representing Hope Biosciences (HB):

Nader Lotfi (Operations, HB)
Kristie Nguyen (Stem Cell Production, HB)
Raul Cerezo (Stem Cell Production, HB)
Blake Winkleman (Stem Cell Production, HB)
Johana Castano (Stem Cell Production, HB)

Voiceover by:

“Pinky,” aka Gibco: Donna Chang (CEO, HB)
“Brain,” aka Hope: Chad Ireton (Stem Cell Banker, HB)