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Not All Stem Cells are Created Equal

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Five reasons why banking your stem cells with Hope, matters

All stem cells are not created equal. Why not? Because how your stem cells are preserved, nourished, and grown influences whether you will be able to use them, when you need them. At Hope Biosciences we employ a series of patented processes to offer what we believe is the best solution for safe, secure stem cell banking on the market. Keep reading for five reasons why banking your cells with Hope, matters:

1. Pure stem cell banking. Hope Biosciences banks only the cells that matter – pure mesenchymal stem cells from fat – and we do all the hard work up front to ensure that viable cells, the cells we want and you need, are properly stored for future use. We do not bank tissues or blood; watch this video to find out why.

2. Cells that are fresh, not frozen. When you bank with Hope Bio, your cells are grown and stored in a master cell bank. Every time your cells are needed, we simply take out one vial from the tank and grow a fresh dose. Our proprietary process allows us to generate, on average, 1,037 fresh doses, which is exponentially more than any individual can be projected to use in a lifetime. Watch this video to hear directly from our CEO, Donna Chang, about the Hope difference.

3. Safe treatment options. At Hope Biosciences, we store your own stem cells because we believe you will need more than one injection over time to treat chronic or degenerative disease or injury. When you need them, reintroducing your own cells into your body is the safest way to approach treatment, and banking your own cells now preserves that option.

4. Security. Your cells are physically safe in storage here. From our preservation methodology to our building and geographical location, every detail has been considered with the safety and security of your cells. Check out this article to learn more about how we keep our promise during natural disasters (hint: your cells don’t need water!)

5. Peace of mind, guaranteed. We guarantee that cells banked at Hope Biosciences will amount to viable treatments in the future.

The quality of a cell therapy is entirely dependent upon the quality of the banked stem cells. What do you want? What will you choose? Your cells will never be as young as they are right now. Learn more:

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