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Our cells are used in 25+ Fda approved Clinical protocols



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Hope Biosciences is dedicated to developing new therapies that have a positive impact on patient health, and to serving patients, patient families and patient communities through education, empathy, and awareness. 

Consistent with Hope Biosciences’ mission to bring innovative medicines to patients with serious or life-threatening illnesses or conditions, we are focused on making our technology available for clinical trials necessary to gain regulatory approvals to make our medicines available broadly to patients as quickly as possible.


We are privileged to collaborate with clinical investigators and with patients who participate in studies to develop new, safe and effective therapies. We believe this approach will serve patients who could be helped by the therapies we are developing. At the same time, we understand that there are seriously ill patients who will not be eligible for our clinical trials and may not have options for alternative therapies, including investigational therapies in trials being conducted by other sponsors. In these circumstances, Hope Biosciences will consider pre-approval access to our investigational drug (HB-adMSCs).

Hope Biosciences Clinical Trials

Hope Biosciences' HB-AdMSCs are adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells that have been processed through our proprietary cell culture platform.
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As of March 2020, all of the clinical trials that utilize our products are managed by the Hope Biosciences Stem Cell Research Foundation. Detailed trial information can be found here



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HB Bankers: Ireton Family Testimony

We decided to bank our stem cells because of the potential future benefits for healing. As we get older, we want to be strong, active and present for and with our children and our families.”

The Ireton Family, Parents & Adult Stem Cell Bankers.


Looking for information on how to bank your stem cells?
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