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5 Days of Stem Cells - A Gibco Virtual Event

Updated: Nov 13, 2020


Gibco’s ‘5-Days of Stem Cells’ virtual event this year, sponsored by Thermo Fisher, will kick off on October 12th and run through October 16th. With over 30 featured speakers covering topics ranging from current and future technologies, to applications towards curing diseases and other treatments, the event will offer something for everyone. Whether you are a professional in the field of regenerative medicine or an enthusiast of scientific discovery and advancement, you’ll take away plenty of knowledge and insight from the most preeminent thought leaders in the industry. Information on registration can be found here.

What Are Stem Cells?

There is a lot information out there on stem cells. From types and functions to promises and limitations. To explain them simply: stem cells are cells within our own bodies whose roles have yet to be determined. They have potential to become different kinds of nerve, muscle, blood, skin or other cells depending on need. When your body has to replace damaged cells due to injury, disease or just wear, it assigns a specific task to the stem cell and gives it a defined purpose. Those cells then follow the process of replicatio

n and replacement. As we age, the number and quality of our stem cells begins to diminish as we see ailments like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis along with other neurological and auto-immune diseases take root. It isn’t just with age, however. There are too many cases of Juvenile Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s and other indications that attack our bodies early and are very difficult to treat. Stem Cell therapy could provide the kind of cure that has alluded humanity thus far. Treating sick patients with large numbers of healthy cells, over the course of multiple sessions, could be the kind of assistance the body needs to combat these and other ailments. This is why there is so much excitement and hope for stem cell therapy in the future.

Who is Gibco?

Gibco is a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader in laboratory and hospital product manufacturing and distribution. Gibco is a trusted partner for Hope Biosciences stem cell manufacturing and banking operations.

Donna Chang and Hope Biosciences

Hope Biosciences Founder and CEO, Donna Chang, will be one of the speakers featured in this year’s event. A biotechnology company based out of Sugar Land, Texas, Hope Bio specializes exclusively on Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) banking and clinical trial research. MSCs are multipotent stem cells obtained from adult sources, such as newborn placentas or adipose (fat) tissue. They are an ideal source for therapy due to their versatility in treating numerous indications. Hope Biosciences has been actively working to prove efficacy of MSCs for many different diseases and is continuously growing that list in hopes of finding cures.

While MSCs have proven effective in chronic degen

erative disorders, they may also hold the key to advancing the battle against highly contagious and deadly infectious diseases. Her presentation will focus on the ‘Optimization and Standardization in Stem Cell Manufacturing for the Fight Against COVID-19’.

Clinical Trials

Hope Biosciences has been running multiple COVID-19 clinical trials, including a phase II prevention trial for First Responders and Frontline Workers. The goal is to demonstrate that the immune boosting capabilities of stem cells will prove effective in the efforts to combat the spread and lethality of the current coronavirus which has devastated social and economic norms globally. Since stem cell treatment options are currently unavailable in the U.S., clinical trials represent a unique and precious opportunity for operations such as Hope Biosciences. Events and partnerships like the ones being promoted by Gibco will provide an opportunity to share breakthroughs share the future of medical science with the masses.

Event Highlights

‘5 Days of Stem Cells’ will not only be an educational experience, but also a fun one. Based on remarks from the previous event held last year, the modeling and simulation technologies used throughout the conference will continue to ensure that there is never a dull moment in the presentation of cutting-edge information. Not one to disregard the entertaining side of science, Gibco engages participants by setting up interactive challenges and giveaways throughout the conference.

Some of the key features of the 5-day virtual event will include:

o Scientific presentations from global industry leaders

o Behind-the-scenes virtual training demos

o Hundreds of key stem cell tools and resources

o A global network of researchers

There will also be discussions on recent developments in other stem cell applications including 3D modeling, cell and gene therapy, and many other stem cell applications. The current benchmarks of medicine and science are primed for a paradigm shift in research and development. There are newer and better ways in which we can address the most challenging health issues of our lifetime. Scientific discovery has always been driven by those who challenge established methods to find radical shifts in perspective. Thank you to Gibco, Thermo Fisher, and Wiley for supporting those efforts with their belief in the wondrous potential of stem cell research and therapy.

Again, this experience isn’t just for industry players but also for anyone curious and excited about how stem cell technology and therapy is shaping our lives today, and the amazing promise it is working towards for tomorrow.

* Written by Nader Lotfi - Edited by Maegan Rysso

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