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Stem Cell Banking

The most important investment you can make for the future. We offer banking solutions for the entire family.

Our Products

We are experts in mesenchymal stem cell culture - defining the standards for quality and consistency.

We are developing stem cell therapies that are:


We develop autologous therapies - from your body to your body.  We employ vigorous quality control testing to ensure the highest quality product.


Our proprietary core technology grows mesenchymal stem cells to unprecedented quantities. Adequate dosages are needed for effective treatments.


Our proprietary stem cell banking technology allows for banked cells to be used repeatedly. Effective treatment of a condition often requires repeated treatment.


Much of our research is devoted to the science of cell preservation. This step is critical to ensure that the cells banked today can be used in the future.


Our expertise lies in the ability to multiply and bank one's own cells for use in the future. Instead of imagining the potential, we decided to put them to the test.
Trust your health - your cells - to the company determined to make the availability of your cells, a reality.

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