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Wonderstem® Conditioned Media

Wonderstem® Conditioned Media


Powered by our proprietary process, each cultured and undifferentiated Mesenchymal Stem Cell secretes human growth factors and proteins during the culture process.


Conditioned media is not all created equal - the quality and consistency of harvested conditioned media is only as robust as the quality and quantity of the stem cells in culture. Hope Biosciences' proprietary Mesenchymal Stem Cell culture process ensures the highest stem cell yield while maintaining the integrity of the cells. A high yield of viable, funcitoning stem cells is what makes Wonderstem® conditioned media unlike any other on the market. 


Why conditioned media?

In published studies, various growth factors and cytokines is shown to promote regeneration of damaged tissues. They also play a role in cell division, growth of new cells and promote the synthesis of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Pros of using conditioned media:

  • Unlike stem cells, conditioned media does not contain live cells 
  • There is no genetic material that can be transferred
  • In the United States, it is not regulated as a drug
  • Our conditioned media is harvested in a non-serum environment 


How is Wonderstem® Conditioned Media used? 

  • Drug product development and research (intravenous and topical applications)
  • Cosmetic applications


The challenge in commercializing conditioned media based products in characterizing the product to maintain a consistent, high-quality raw material. 

Hope Biosciences tests Wonderstem® conditioned media to ensure that proper expressoin of the cytokines are present. These are the factors we are currently measuring:


  • Procollagen: Maintains skin’s elasticity
  • EGF: Stimulates skin growth at the cellular level
  • VEGF: Promote revascularization
  • Fibronectin: Stimulate the migration of Skin
  • SDF-1a: Aids in wound healing by re-epithelialization and contraction
  • HGF: Induces the active production of new cells
  • KGF: Instrumental in wound repair
  • IGF-I: Stimulate cellular differentiation
  • bFGF: Stimulates cell growth
  • TGF-b: Restores damaged tissues


Conditioned media is typically used for topical applications and cosmetic development. If you are planning to use conditioned media for therapeutic applications, we can develop an assay that measures levels of specific growth factors that are applicable to the indication.


Wonderstem® conditioned media is sold in ready-to-use quantities as well as in bulk. Special bulk pricing for orders over 1 Gallon. POs are required. Please contact us to order.


Please note: This product is shipped frozen.

  • Return Policy

    No refunds or exchanges. 

    We guarantee the performance of our products. If there is a concern, please notify usASAP and we will provide you with the best customer service.

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