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HB101 - Hope Biosciences MSC Culture Media

HB101 - Hope Biosciences MSC Culture Media


Hope Biosciences signature Mesenchymal stem cell culture media is specifically engineered for optimal MSC culture. This ready-to-use media does not require additional serum or components and is antibiotic free.


Currently, HB-101 is exclusively available for research purposes. You must be an academic or non-profit researcher to purchase.


In-house performance testing has been done on cord blood, adipose and placenta-derived MSCs. 


  • 5% FBS is included for optimal cell growth. No other supplements needed.
  • Consistent cell growth and morphology
  • Maintains cell characteristics and genetic stability
  • Achieve high confluency without production of extra-cellular matrices
  • Significant improvement in culture time
  • Sterile, mycoplasma and endotoxin free
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  • Return Policy

    No refunds or exchanges. 

    We guarantee the performance of our products. If there is a concern, please notify us ASAP and we will provide you with the best customer service.

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