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Unity in the Fight against COVID-19

Updated: Nov 13, 2020



The current global pandemic has changed life in every way. So much of it can get us down- separation from families, millions of people unemployed, schools closed and long lines at the grocery store to name a few. Yet, desperate times can also drive us to do great things- from singing together on balconies, to fashioning ergonomically safe face masks, this crisis is an opportunity for the world to fight together. The same type of collaboration is actually happening within the scientific and medical communities.

Researching Solutions

Doctors, researchers, and scientists are pooling resources and knowledge to help combat the SARS-COV-2 virus. They have identified and shared hundreds of viral genome sequences. One scientist in Pittsburgh discovered a potential advance in animal research and shared his findings with leading virologists and scientists from around the world on a W.H.O. conference call, instead of holding on to information for his own personal fame (1).

Where There is Hope

We at the Hope Stem Cell Research Foundation and the Hope Biosciences Stem Cell Manufacturing team in Sugar Land, Texas, are doing our part in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The FDA has granted us approval to conduct a clinical trial designed to protect those regularly exposed to the coronavirus, including healthcare workers, first responders, hospital support staff, mortuary workers, and laboratory personnel handling patient samples, just to name a few types of participants. The study uses allogeneic (donor-derived) mesenchymal stem cells to provide immune support, essentially prevention, against COVID-19 at no cost to participants.

All of us at Hope have dedicated countless hours in this effort that we strongly believe in. Our talented team of laboratory experts put focus to work as they manufacture the numerous stem cells for infusions while our doctors, nurses and healthcare experts administer the treatments and provide care and love for those who fight for our communities daily. To be up every day seeking solutions to the spread and devastating effects of this deadly virus gives the team drive and inspiration. We have an opportunity to be part of the progress, and we want to do everything we can to make that happen.

Final Thoughts

As we enter the Fall season, now several months removed from the onset of the pandemic, our mission becomes even more pressing. If we are to defeat this global threat, we will have to do it together; each member of the national and international community actively offering the help that we are built to provide so all of us can be reborn with renewed hope.

The pandemic has completely changed the previous standard of normalcy. With an issue this large, the only way it can be managed is through international unity across numerous sectors. Everyone has a role to play in tackling the virus, even from your own home. Together we can do this!

For more information on ongoing clinical trials, and enrollment in our COVID-19 prevention trial, visit

To learn about the potential of stem cells for future therapies, as well as banking services for adult and newborn clients, explore for info

* Written by Linette Rehkopf - Edited by Danish Felipe

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