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A New Love for Valentine's Day

It’s time to love your stem cells!

Baby's feet with two set of hands wrapped around forming a shape of heart
Hope Biosciences® is the only clinical-grade facility in the U.S. offering stem cell banking services for both adults and newborns.

Every day at Hope Bio, we are asked for the “secret” to our innovative success as the only clinical grade stem cell banking company for adults and newborns in the nation. Is it our patented processes for harvesting and caring for your cells? Is it our commitment to using only 100% pure mesenchymal stem cells? Is it our incredible team members, or our amazing clients?

One of our bankers preparing for a stem cell infusion at Hope Biosciences Research Foundation with Sherry (RN) and Marcy (RMA).
A Hope Bio banker preparing for a stem cell infusion at Hope Biosciences Research Foundation (HBRF) with Sherry, RN, and Marcy, RMA.

Well, yes, but there is something that ties all of these components together. That something, cliché as it sounds for Valentine’s Day, is love. Have you ever thought about loving your stem cells? We do, every day.

“My parents’ wellbeing is even more important to me than my own. Having them and myself banked at Hope Biosciences creates that peace of mind for all of us.”

Nader Lotfi Son of Jamshid Lotfi, banker # HB200043-01, & Noushin Sanandaji, banker # HB200044-01

At Hope Biosciences the cells that your body lovingly made for you are cared for by hand. We don’t use machines, systems, or anything artificial (check out this article to see how our technicians isolate cells for banking). Our patent-protected processes ensure that your cells are extracted, stored, and fed to what we believe is the highest standard in cell therapy.

Surprised to hear a biotechnology company talking about love? Our commitment to comprehensive care can be seen at every level, whether you’re walking into our beautiful building or listening to team members talk about how stem cell culture is an art form. This holistic approach is exactly what makes our model affordable and scalable, and part of what makes Hope Biosciences one of a kind.

“It's the absolute best investment we could make in our family to have the security of knowing we are ready for whatever life will throw at us. In those moments after an accident or diagnosis, I love knowing his cells are ready to retrieve right away. At the end of the day all we have is our mind and health, so we should obviously be prioritizing that for our children & ourselves.”

Crystal Whitby Mother of John David, newborn banker # AM200006

A beautiful family of 5 that have banked their stem cells with Hope Biosciences®
Crystal Whitby, mother of John David, banked her newborn son at Hope Biosciences® b