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Veteran's Day

Congressman and former Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw of Texas 2nd Congressional District is a decorated Veteran who served honorably. Hope Biosciences is privileged to have him as a client, and today we celebrate him and all service men and women for their sacrifice to our country. We are proud to have the opportunity to show our gratitude by working to create therapies that can have a lasting impact on the health and wellness of all service members and their families. Thank you to all Veterans.


Service & Sacrifice

When we think of sacrifice for others, it’s hard to find an example more appropriate than the ones made by our committed U.S. service men and women. Whether currently deployed or having already served, these individuals dedicate their lives to the protection and preservation of our freedoms. Their commitment to each other and to all of us exemplifies trust and honor. There’s not a lot we can offer in return other than appreciation, gratitude, and support. These are things that come easy in comparison.


‘Thank you’ is a term used often but still not often enough, and typically taken for granted. Showing recognition for an act that offers you benefit has become somewhat casual and we often say it more than we mean it. The most effective form of gratitude we can show our Veterans is in listening to them, to their stories and their experiences, and always remembering their work, well past their deployment or active tours of duty. They often undertake humanitarian roles in areas of the world we rarely even think about. Regardless of which political party or particular politician is making decisions, they continue to fight for the protections of all Americans. That degree of loyalty can never be appreciated enough.


Collectively, we need to do better. Veterans Day should never just be about gratitude but a focus on forward action. Are we providing the best healthcare for our veterans? The answer is that we can always do better. At Hope Biosciences we envision a world where every service member has their stem cells stored and ready-for-use when they need them — whether that’s for an injury during deployment or decades later to treat the signs of Alzheimer’s. We want to be ready for them when they need us.

We may never be able to repay the debt we owe to our brave service men and women for the sacrifices they have made for our beautiful country, but we recognize this sacrifice and thank you all. Not just on this day, but every day.

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