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Hear from CEO Donna Chang

From Start-up to Success

Mom of twins and head cheerleader at Hope Biosciences Donna Chang is on a mission to redefine the way we think about and treat disease. Through her leadership, dedication, and expertise, Chang has paved the way for groundbreaking research and innovation in the field of regenerative medicine.



Keith Garvin | Sugar Land Biopharmaceutical Company gets FDA approval to treat COVID-19 long Haulers with adult stem cells

Haley Hernandez | Stem Cells May Help patients with Long Term COVID Symptoms

Donna Chang | Optimization and standardization in stem cell manufacturing for the fight against COVID-19

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Jane Carlson | Beacon Award Winner Droplette Grows Portfolio of Skincare Products To Pair with Its Signature Device



Donae Cangelosi Chramosta | Episode 88: President and CEO of Hope Biosciences shares her focus on a mission to revolutionize the field of cell therapy

Brooke Keating & Tara Crenshaw | Stem Cells ; How Donna Chang is changing the way we cure diseases and TBI

Tom Wilmer | Offers Hope via Regenerative Medicine

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Peer-reviewed Publications

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Clinical Trial Results →

Safety and efficacy of autologous, adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a phase I/IIa, open-label, non-randomized pilot trial, by (names)

Published 03 March 2022 by Ridhima Vij, Kevin A. Stebbings, Hosu Kim, Hyeonggeun Park & Donna Chang

Lupus, Clinical Trial Results →

Frequency-dependent effect of intravenous administration of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy for severe Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A case report

Published 23 September 2022 by Ridhima Vij, Mallika Tripathy, Hosu Kim, Hyeonggeun Park, Thanh Cheng, Djamchid Lotfi, Donna Chang

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Pre-clinical Results →

Human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for acute and sub-acute TBI

Published 26 May 2020 by Katherine A. Ruppert, Karthik S. Prabhakara, Naama E. Toledano-Furman, Sanjna Udtha, Austin Q. Arceneaux, Hyeonggeun Park, An Dao, Charles S. Cox, Scott D. Olson


About Hope Biosciences

Hope Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company developing adult stem cell therapeutics for a variety of clinical indications, and the only clinical grade adult stem cell banking facility in the nation serving both adults and newborns. Hope Biosciences occupies a unique position in the regenerative medicine space, noteworthy both for patented cell culture methods and effectiveness getting cells to patients through robust collaboration with academic and clinical research organizations. Hope Bio’s proprietary cell culturing process makes Hope Biosciences the gold standard in producing high volume, consistent, repeatable mesenchymal stem cells for clinical purposes, and Hope Biosciences actively partners with organizations and teams in need of cellular products for in vitro, preclinical, and clinical projects.

Learn more about Hope Biosciences at

About the Hope Biosciences Research Foundation

Hope Biosciences Research Foundation (HBRF) is on a mission to unlock the potential of regenerative medicine, bringing new hope to patients by dramatically accelerating research. A non-profit 501 (c)3 organization headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas (Houston area) and founded in 2020, we work primarily with chronic conditions, many of which our patients have been told are “incurable.” HBRF is closing gaps in research and care by not only facilitating healing for patients but developing sustainable solutions with the potential to right our currently crippled healthcare system.

Learn more about Hope Biosciences at

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