Restoracell™ Skin Complex

Powered by our proprietary process, each cultured and undifferentiated Mesenchymal Stem Cell secretes human growth factors and proteins that the body recognizes as beneficial. Using the same science that’s applied for wound healing or regenerating skin cells post-trauma or burns, the body dispatches them to counter damaged, degenerated cells and rebuild healthy skin from inside out.

The harvested conditioned medium — Restoracell™ Skin Complex, modulates the inflammatory process, rebuilding and regenerating young, healthy cells to recreate skin. Damage is repaired while a higher level of skin function returns and remains. As a cut closes or a burn seals, so age can be unwound. Not animal-based, not embryonic — rather human-to-human, like-to-like, our actives capture skin’s own unique code that no technology (or doctor) has yet to break.

Growth factors in Restoracell™ Skin Complex

Procollagen: Maintains skin’s elasticity
EGF: Stimulates skin growth at the cellular level
VEGF: Promote revascularization
Fibronectin: Stimulate the migration of Skin
SDF-1a: Aids in wound healing by re-epithelialization and contraction
HGF: Induces the active production of new cells
KGF: Instrumental in wound repair
IGF-I: Stimulate cellular differentiation
bFGF: Stimulates cell growth
TGF-b: Restores damaged tissues

Restoracell’s growth factor expression (per ml) shows unprecedented levels of skin regenerating cytokines (in picograms)


New Developments

Restoracell™ Hair Complex — Available
Restoracell™ Lash Complex — Available
Shelf Stable Restoracell™ — Coming Soon