We are a company on a mission. A mission to redefine the way we think about and treat disease.

Today, medicine is primarily focused on symptom management rather than treating the condition itself. This is largely due to the complexity of how diseases occur and affect our bodies. We believe that stem cells are the key to finding a solution and we have no doubt that they will change the future of medicine. Hope Bioscience's core technology lies in YOU — stem cells that come from one's own body to defend and protect from disease and degeneration.


Our Technology

Our focus is in autologous mesenchymal stem cells, in simpler terms, one’s own stem cells that have the ability to transform into almost every cell in the body. Imagine the possibilities if you had an endless supply of your own stem cells to fix and regenerate areas of your body that have degenerated over time or destroyed by disease. Our core proprietary technology lies in the ability to make virtually unlimited, unaltered and identical stem cells from your own tissue. Technical information coming soon.


Our Data

There is no question that adult stem cells have the power to impact disease but it is our job to prove it. There are countless stories of patients who have already benefited from the use of their own stem cells but the mechanism of how the cells work is vaguely understood. Our process is simple: we study, collect the data, analyze it and present it to regulatory agencies for approval.


Our Process

We are experts in cell culture and we depend on the best and brightest academic institutions to partner with us in studying how stem cells impact disease. We scour the globe for organizations that excel in a particular condition and work together to develop protocols for treatment. The benefit to this arrangement is that we are not the ones determining the efficacy of the cells. We depend on the experts to collect the data and prove that the cells work.



Research is expensive and many ask how we are able to study so many different conditions. Half of the studies conducted are sponsored fully by Hope Biosciences. The other half are paid for by other academic institutions, government funding and charitable organizations.  

We are always in search of innovative out-of-the box thinkers who have new ideas on treating and preventing disease. If you have a protocol that you would like us to sponsor or you have an existing protocol and a need for cells, please apply below.

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